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5 Indoor Team Building Ideas for Bad Weather Days

May 19, 2016

Planning a team bonding event but you know your colleagues aren't the sporty, outdoor types? Or maybe you're worried about the weather since it may rain on the day of your outdoor event? Fret not. Here are 5 indoor team building activities you can do in Singapore. Escape Hunt Singapore Become Sherlock for a day! Highly rated on TripAdvisor and the choice corporate venue of many companies looking for something new and unique, Escape Hunt promises a memorable experience where you get to play detective for a day. Try the various themed escape rooms and work together in your team to escape within 60 minutes, dress up in our Sherlock customers to pose for photos with our props, and relax in the cozy lounge over a hot cup of Twinings tea. Who says rainy days are gloomy days? Dopen Kitchen Become Gordon Ramsey. Or the next-door kopitiam auntie who cooks bad zhap cai peng. Cooking classes are a great way to have fun in a group. Especially for those of us who can’t even BBQ hotdogs without making them chao tar. Impress your boss with your culinary skills and you may just get the pay raise you have been gunning for. Arteastiq Painting...

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Cheeky Boyfriend Turns Explosion Box Into Wedding Proposal

December 30, 2015

Locked in a room with no obvious way out. Alone with the girl of your dreams. She starts getting nervous. What do you do? Well, if you’re like Towy, you’d actually set this up deliberately. An escape game is a real-life locked room. Players look for clues hidden inside the rooms - to escape from it. From broken typewriters to jigsaw puzzles, clues can come in the form of almost anything! When we started Escape Hunt, we knew that letting couples book private rooms will surely help someone out someday. After discovering that Escape Hunt is the one of the only escape game that allows couples to book private rooms, Towy decided to make it a part of his surprise wedding proposal. Locked inside a room with your loved one, how will you work together to escape? To make things more exciting, an explosion box hiding the proposal ring was a part of this elaborate scheme. Imagine finding the box, opening it and the surprise when you see what’s inside. Surprised, she looked back in his direction, only to find him already kneeling, with a sign that said “Will you marry me?” Sometimes, all it takes is a little effort...

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Why is the Escape Hunt Experience so popular?

February 16, 2015

It’s true! The escape game concept has been growing in popularity over the past 10 years. Originally starting as an online game in Japan, escape the room games have expanded far beyond their single player video game origins. Today, the Escape Hunt Experience offers a true live action role-playing experience. The Escape Hunt Experience continue to grow in popularity for one simple reason—they are so much fun to play! Players are transported back in time to a bygone era or even far into the future. The games are a great bonding experience, played in private groups of friends, family or colleagues. The Escape Hunt Experience is a great option for player’s young and old, gamers and non-gamers! People from all walks of life enjoy the unique challenge that is Escape Hunt. Already played the game? Tell us what you think is so special about escape games!

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What is different about the Escape Hunt Experience?

February 10, 2015

The Escape Hunt Experience is like none other in the market place today. Our CEO and founder has combined his passion for games and puzzles with his educational background in Psychology to create a truly unique, challenging and highly addictive gaming concept! Escape Hunt prides itself on creativity and innovation. Today, a team of talented puzzle designers are working around the clock at the only Game Design Academy in the world. All of the games you’ll play at the various branches around the world have been designed in house. There are well over 100 games to date, with more being created each month! That being said, The Escape Hunt Experience is more than just a game. Players will all receive a 90 minute slot that includes a pre-game brief and explanation period, as well as post game refreshments, discussion and photo booth opportunity. For larger groups and corporate events there are even further offerings including exciting team building and assessment activities.

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Stellar Reviews on TripAdvisor

February 6, 2015

Since the opening in May 2014, the Singapore branch has had many stellar reviews on TripAdvisor by our satisfied customers. We have seen thousands of happy Escape Hunters pass by our doors, and have conducted many corporate events for small SMEs and big MNCs alike. You can see more of our reviews here.

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Success Story Started in Bangkok

February 6, 2015

When The Escape Hunt Experience opened in July 2013 in Central Bangkok as South East Asia’s first “escape the room” game, it quickly became the Number 1 Attraction on TripAdvisor for tourists. It also gained a huge following amongst locals in Thailand with an active online community including over 52,000 followers on Facebook. The Escape Hunt Experience was a welcome addition to daytime activities in Bangkok and has grown steadily in popularity amongst all ages and backgrounds. It also runs an extremely successful corporate team building division using the same challenging games for company improvement and outings...

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