Escape Hunt

Locked in a room with no obvious way out.

Alone with the girl of your dreams.

She starts getting nervous.

What do you do?

Well, if you’re like Towy, you’d actually set this up deliberately.

An escape game is a real-life locked room. Players look for clues hidden inside the rooms – to escape from it. From broken typewriters to jigsaw puzzles, clues can come in the form of almost anything!

When we started Escape Hunt, we knew that letting couples book private rooms will surely help someone out someday.

After discovering that Escape Hunt is the one of the only escape game that allows couples to book private rooms, Towy decided to make it a part of his surprise wedding proposal.


Locked inside a room with your loved one, how will you work together to escape?


To make things more exciting, an explosion box hiding the proposal ring was a part of this elaborate scheme. Imagine finding the box, opening it and the surprise when you see what’s inside.


Surprised, she looked back in his direction, only to find him already kneeling, with a sign that said “Will you marry me?”


Sometimes, all it takes is a little effort from one party, to plan a wonderful surprise for the other.

The couple is now happily married. Escape Hunt wishes them everlasting happiness and a sweet journey ahead!