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Escape Room Birthday Party: 5 reasons why you should hold a birthday party at Escape Hunt!

Escape Room Birthday Party

Well, you might be thinking what’s the difference between holding a birthday party at home, as compared to holding it in an escape room, these are 5 reasons why you should hold a birthday party in escape hunt!

  1. There is never-ending fun!
    Singapore Escape Room Birthday Party

    Unlike holding it at home, a birthday party at the escape hunt comes with a memorable and challenging escape experience with your friends and loved ones. Parents do not have to brainstorm for game ideas to entertain the guests, as kids will get to explore their way through the escape rooms with the guidance of our game master.

  2. Parents can have their own catching up session during the birthday partyEscape Room Bday Party SG
    Once the kids enter the escape rooms, the game masters will be helping them throughout the game, until the door pops open and they escape successfully. While waiting for the kids, parents can stay at our lounge and catch up with one another. Refreshments are available, at a small fee.

  3. A birthday party at Escape Hunt comes with a photo booth to capture the celebration!Birthday Party at Escape Room
    Upon escaping, the kids are able to dress up, choose their own props, and stand under our logo to take a photo in commemoration of their escape experience. This saves parents the hassle of preparing a photobooth, buying and making of props.

  4. Escape rooms provide a great bonding session for everyone!Escape Room Bday Party Singapore
    Having a hard time thinking of games that can bond the kids together? Fear not, we have them ready for you! Escaping the rooms requires teamwork, and hence, players will have to help one another in order to solve the puzzles and escape. The games are suitable for all age groups, and the game masters will always be there when they need help.

  5. You do not have to crack your brain for the theme of the birthday party!Kids Escape Room Birthday Party
    While most parents trouble over a birthday theme, the birthday package at escape hunt covers them all. Be it venue, entertainment or photobooth, the birthday package at escape hunt have planned them out for you. Get your kids ready, it’s time for them to be a detective!

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