Escape Hunt


Escape Hunt FAQs

Who is The Escape Hunt Experience? The Escape Hunt Experience Singapore is a franchise of the original branch in Bangkok. The Singapore branch owners realized that there was a lack of customer service in most of the Singapore-based escape games, and loved the Escape Hunt Experience so much that they decided to bring it to Singapore. With a focus on customer service and providing a 5 star experience for all guests, the management team will spare no expense to ensure that every guest has a great time!

Is Escape Hunt original? The Escape Hunt Experience is highly original and whilst it is inspired by famous names, The Escape Hunt Experience is very different because it is the only game in the world with a period feel, Asian-European links, detective teams and an exciting interactive storyline. When you add the unique personal service of your own Game Master playing with you and the post-game experience of refreshments and photos in outfits, it is truly memorable.

What makes The Escape Hunt Experience so special as an adventure? There are many things you can do with your time these days but none are as special as The Escape Hunt Experience because it is not only fun yet safe, educational yet light-hearted, challenging yet cooperative, competitive yet relaxing – the list goes on.  Come find out for yourselves why people are raving about it.

How does The Escape Hunt Experience differ from other “escape games” I have seen? Firstly, Escape Hunt is LIVE – that means no online play and all real-time action. You are IN the game!  Secondly, the concept and execution is beyond anything you will ever see elsewhere, we promise. Thirdly, you will be thrust in a totally immersive environment and play the role of a detective solving a mystery. Lastly, because we aim to be the BEST in terms of decor and multi-dimensional game design.

Has a lot of thought gone into this? Yes, a lot!  The founder and CEO of Escape Hunt Global has a background in Psychology, Languages and Education from Cambridge University where he gained a starred first Masters Degree. He then specialized in IQ testing, teamwork design, cognitive and group psychology and went on to work with this in the industry. What you see here is the result of many years of research and life experience coupled with a desire to create something special that people can truly enjoy.

Why is The Escape Hunt Experience so costly compared to other games? If you have tried other live escape games in Singapore, you would probably realize that they charge significantly less. However, there are a few reasons for this. Firstly, you may not be guaranteed exclusive usage of the game rooms, which means you would probably be sharing it with some other group of strangers. Secondly, the games do not have a central theme and are just games, whereas with us you would role-play a detective solving various crimes in our games. Lastly, we offer customer service typically found in 5-star hotels to give all our guests a truly immersive and memorable experience.

If I have any feedback – negative or positive – who do I talk to? You may tell our staff or talk to the Singapore owners directly. We respect our customers absolutely and all our staff are authorized to hear your feedback or provide the direct contact details of the owner to any customer who requests them so you can tell them of your experience.