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Team Bonding Games: How to bond your company through Escape Hunt!

Team Bonding Games at Escape Hunt SG 

As everyone knows, escaping from an escape room requires teamwork, which makes our escape room a popular choice for many corporate team bonding sessions. Depending on the size of the company, the corporate team building games may vary from the escape room only, to both the escape room and lounge games. Corporate team building packages here are very flexible and subject to feasibility, companies can highlight their culture to us so that we can incorporate them into the bonding session. At escape hunt, we have a comfortable lounge area to hold our guests before and after the games. The lounge, depending on the size of the company or the corporate team building packages selected, is available for exclusive use,  where companies can bring in their own food or even hold catering services.


Bonding games that are conducted in the lounge allows the company’s staff to get to know one another on a personal level. The objective of the games is to get colleagues to open up and share more about themselves, and at the same time, get to know the colleagues they work with on a deeper level. Through the games, you’ll even get to know colleagues that are similar to you in some way or another, as you participate and share more about yourself. As some colleagues do not usually get to interact with other departments, this will help to break the ice before they move on to the escape rooms.


As for the escape room itself, companies can split up their staff from various departments, so the various departments get to interact with one another, bonding the company as a whole. This may be one of the rare occasions that colleagues of different departments work together. Such groupings also force the staff to interact with people of other departments, separating them from their familiar colleagues.


To motivate them further, companies can offer prizes to the groups that escape first. This competition can encourage staff to actively participate in the games prepared for them, and in turn, promote greater bonding among the teams. As the game begins, each group enters the game room with awkward faces, filling the room with a tense atmosphere. 


However, by the end of the game, you’ll see all the smiles on their faces as they manage to escape together. The clapping, high five and cheering will show how much they have enjoyed, and how comfortable they are with the people around them. 


Throughout the process of escaping, players will make every effort to help one another, so as to find clues and solve the puzzles. In order to escape within the fastest time, players will eagerly team up and work as a team. Escaping requires cooperation, collaboration, and communication. These are all important elements of a successful escape, and the same goes for the corporate world. Through fun and enjoyment, the staff is able to know more about their colleagues and even their superiors, strengthening the bond within the company. 

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