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It’s crazy how you talk to your officemates online almost, if not, every day, without getting to strike a conversation with them in person, and sometimes, without even knowing who they are. 

While you do not need to be friends with everyone in your company, it helps to get to know your teammates better outside of the office. That’s what team bonding activities are for! 

If you’ll become more comfortable with talking to your teammates and understand their behavior better, it’ll be easier to collaborate on projects. 

If you have long been thinking which activities will be perfect for your team, check out this list. We’ve rounded up a few suggestions on unique team bonding experiences that you might want to try too. Let’s begin!



  • Test your strength and spirit. 


Take your team out to a day of fun and adventure. Test courage, teamwork, and leadership skills by overcoming obstacles out in nature.

You can choose from ground activities to rope or at height games. You’re free to customize your team building program depending on the experience that you wish to have. 

Forest Adventure also offers structured programs for a minimum of 8 pax. Be sure to reserve slots ahead of time. Corporate bookings are only allowed during weekdays and select public holidays. 



  • Go dragon boating. 


If your team members want an outdoor activity but prefer a more relaxed one, consider dragon boating. Get your dose of vitamin D, indulge in the afternoon breeze, and paddle your way together to the bank. 

The staff in charge will be there to ensure everyone’s safety so all you have to do is exchange laughter and stories while navigating the waters. This activity also costs less than other options so it might be ideal if you’re tied to a specific budget. 

Dragon Boating Singapore – Escape Hunt Singapore

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  • Recharge at Pulau Ubin. 


If you want your team members to recharge and enjoy a slow day, bring them to Pulau Ubin. This is perfect for all ages as there are plenty of activities you can engage in. 

You can relax and have a group picnic or a barbeque in the evening, go cycling through the hills, chase after wildlife, or camp overnight. Everyone will surely appreciate taking a break from their computer screens and basking in the beauty of nature. 

The only thing is that you have to be prepared for mozzies and bring repellents with you, but that should not take away from your experience. 

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  • Be a detective for a day at The Escape Hunt. 


Some of your team members might have already tried this with their friends or family, but for a change, invite them to do it with their officemates. Take your team to the escape room and challenge your problem-solving skills and creative thinking together. 

The advantage of this team building activity is that you do not have to worry about the weather. You’ll be playing in a cozy indoor venue. Even expecting moms can join in the fun! 

Escape Room Games - Escape Hunt SingaporeThe Escape Hunt hosts team-building events and you can customize your activity depending on your specific requirements. 

Team building activities do not have to be boring. Get your team members excited and ensure fun for everyone. Plan your event as early as possible so you can also prepare for potential expenses. Return to the office more energized and ready for work!

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