Escape Hunt


Escape Hunt FAQs

Can you give me a 1 minute introduction to all you do? Sure! The Escape Hunt Experience is a unique adventure based on the classic “escape the room” games now popular in many places around the world. Originally these were online point and click computer games such as Myst and Crimson Room. They were then made into real life games in Japan around 2007.  Players are locked in a simple room with objects and feel like being inside a computer game while searching for clues and solving puzzles trying to escape.

This idea spread to other places and The Escape Hunt Experience is proud to take inspiration from these great games yet offer something totally unique. We offer a true “experience” like a mini theme park where you are transported back over 100 years and play the part of a famous London detective with your colleagues trying to solve a mystery.  As a team you play against the clock in one of our rooms to solve a mystery and thereby find your escape.  Our adventures last around 90 minutes as after the 60 minute game you can chat about your experience in our lounge area over a nice cup of tea and then dress up in period costume for photos.

Our experience is unique and unlike any other adventure game anywhere in the world for many other reasons too such as being available to only 2 players in a private room and having your own dedicated game master play with you.  We are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year with first game at 10:00am and last game at 8:30pm.  We take groups from 2–6 players or more players can play against each other in 2 rooms.  We also host fantastic corporate events.  Prices vary by group size and we only allow children of 7 years and up and there should always be one player over 16 years.  Most of all it is fantastic fun for all ages and ability levels giving you memories you will treasure for many years!

What is The Escape Hunt Experience? The Escape Hunt Experience is an exciting adventure experience for Singapore played indoors as a group. It is a unique concept and you will definitely enjoy your time spent here. You will voyage back 100 years in time and play the part of a London detective solving the greatest murder mystery of your life accompanied by one of our game masters. Book via our website here or call us on 61000828 (+65 61000828 from abroad).

Is The Escape Hunt Experience all about detectives? You will be taking on the role of a famous London detective with your team to solve the greatest mystery of your life here in Singapore. There will be various mysteries for you to solve and escape within the 60 minutes allocated, before you are trapped forever…

What do I do in the “adventure”? We cannot give too much away so we don’t spoil the surprise but you will need to use all your skills and intellect combined with nerves of steel to solve a great mystery set in a unique setting.  With your team, you hunt for clues and solve puzzles to escape from the room. You have 1 hour to do so and your Game Master will help you as required so everyone is guaranteed a great experience. We currently have 3 different game rooms with plans to add more in the future. Our games are not physically demanding so it is suitable for all.

Who can play The Escape Hunt Experience?  The Escape Hunt Experience is aimed at anyone with a sense of fun who likes puzzles.  We have intentionally designed the adventures to appeal to different age groups, genders and backgrounds.  We find that equal numbers of tourists, expats and Singapore citizens enjoy the game immensely.

How much does The Escape Hunt Experience cost? Prices start from S$28 per person. Game prices are per person and prices depend on the number of players. To book, simply go to our booking page and select your group size, choice of game room, date and time and then pay using our secure system with credit card or PayPal. It’s as easy as that! We can confidently say the adventure will be well worth the money and one of the best times of your life. Think of it as far more of a fun and unique experience than what you could find elsewhere…

We look forward to seeing you soon!